ThrowBackThursday Post - The "Famous Phrase"

Looking back on a blog post of recent yesteryear (and bringing it over from the old website for further reference):

  Rising and somewhat "shine-ing" on this rainy/not-rainy Montana morning, I found this often heard phrase (or something like it), "God helps those who help themselves", in "Matthew Henry's Concise commentary On The Whole Bible" (Is 40:27-41). (Maybe this is where that phrase originates?)

Ever heard it said, "It's not in the Bible"? Well, I don't believe it is, but how about this word from Mr. Henry (Photo on left-He must be cool-check out the gray hair!).
"Where God had begun the work of grace, he will perfect it. He will help those who, in humble dependence on him, help themselves."

I think it works - any thoughts?

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