Taxi Music Forward - Hopeful, Inspiring Instrumental

..Which means: “Hey cool track, I'm going to pass this on. It may be usable to the TV/Film/Publishing pro that will hear it next."

This pitch called for a bigger production, so I dared to come up with something. I'm ecstatic about making it through the gate with this one! 

I do not have any formal training in composing and arranging for orchestra. So I humbly relied on my God-given "ear" to make it all come together somehow. Absolutely love the outcome! At no time was a guitar played during the making of this musical piece! So weird, right?

I recently acquired Spitfire's BBC Symphony Orchestra Core Sample Library for the majority of this track with some help from EastWest Composer Cloud for piano, choir, and percussion.

 There's another big orchestral track as well I'll be posting about shortly.

A Bunch of HOPEFUL, INSPIRING INSTRUMENTALS are needed by a European Music Licensing Company with an impressive list of placements in Film, TV, and Commercials! 

Please submit well-composed Instrumentals that are emotionally uplifting and full of hope. Your submissions can be composed of Electronic, Organic, or Orchestral Instrumentation, or a hybrid of any combination of the three! There are many possibilities that could work for this request. Please be sure your submissions feel uplifting and have a developmental “arc” that builds throughout. 

TAXI TIP: If you plan to use virtual instruments, please be sure that they sound like the real thing. Synthetic or obviously MIDI-driven material will not work for this pitch.


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