My Spotify "Starred" List - Ep. 3

With time on the road, I got on a Joni Mitchell kick. Started from album 1 and went from there. (Not all on the same day!)

"Black Crow": I was struck by the lyric on this one, the crow as a metaphor for her life on the road. Interesting chord choices to "land" her melody on . 

One wonders, "Was she really looking at the her "haggard face" in the mirror and then suddenly saw a black crow, "that ragged soul", outside the bathroom window and boom, said "I'm gonna write a song"?

Starting in 2012, I began collecting songs in a custom Spotify playlist I simply called "Starred". Currently there are 408 tunes, and I continue to add to it. When I don't know what I want to listen to, I just put on the Starred list. 

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