Object Writing, with a Haiku Bonus (Hiya!)

Your cold tea cup
Speaks of your warming presence
Knowing you'll return

And now the word, "Hallucination", unedited writing practice, 10 minutes, go!...
(Note: Views expressed not necessarily the mental state of their author)
Photo: http://tinyurl.com/pc8hmq6
Whisps of things thought seen. Windy nothings caressing forests of dense dreams that stand majestic like redwoods on the California coast. I resist hallucinations, yet they are more real to me today than ever. A ray of sun like a sharp icycle pierces my forearm. The sun smiles at me; the sight of it burning into my mind the more I stare. But I can't look away. Ficus leaves applaud their approval under compulsion from the breeze's insistent goading. Angry fly buzz says aerodynamics...

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