Taxi Music Forward - Contemporary Country

..Which means: “Hey cool track, I'm going to pass this on. It may be usable to the TV/Film/Publishing pro that will hear it next."

This is the second time this song was forwarded for myself and co-writer, Mary Lyn Bates. (Our first forward was "Stupid Little Heart")

CONTEMPORARY COUNTRY SONGS with Male Vocals are needed by a great Music Row Publisher for a CMA-nominated, Billboard-charting act who’s working on his next record! 

Please submit great Songs in All Tempos that could be found on a playlist with artists like: 

"Young Once" by Sam Hunt 

"Make Me Want To” by Jimmie Allen 

“Tn Whiskey” by Blanco Brown 

Please submit top-shelf, Contemporary Country Songs that would sound at home on today’s Country radio stations and/or charts. Please be sure your submissions have great melodies, memorable choruses, and visually descriptive, conversational lyric approaches. Having some R&B flavored vocals with a bit of a Pop delivery, wrapped up in a current Country way could help get this Music Publisher and Artist excited about cutting your Songs! 

Stripped-Down Demos and full productions are both okay to submit, as long as your Songs are great and your recordings are clean, clear, and well-balanced! 

NOTEWORTHY: If time permits, someone from the Publisher's staff (who has been trained as a TAXI screener) will screen for this request. That means that somebody who is directly involved in this request and ultimate pitch could be "ears-on" with your submissions. 

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