Taxi Music Forward - Dramedy-Style Instrumental Cues

..Which means: “Hey cool track, I'm going to pass this on. It may be usable to the TV/Film pro that will hear it next."

DRAMEDY-Style INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed by a legendary, Major Music Library with tons of top-notch placements in TV Commercials, Hit TV shows, and Feature Films. They’re looking for Mid-to-Up-Tempo Dramedy Cues in the general stylistic ballpark of the following examples:

KUWTK (From 0:29-1:24)

Love & Hip Hop: New York | VH1 \(From 0:48-1:12\)

Please send them well-composed Instrumental Cues that could be used in a variety of quirky, playful, mischievous and comedic scenes in Reality TV Shows. Build your Cues around a central melodic theme while adding and subtracting layers of instrumentation as it progresses to add dynamics, interest, and some forward momentum. You’d be smart to avoid submitting anything that’s overly busy for this pitch, as it could distract from a scene’s dialog. All submissions should be about 2 minutes long, give or take. Non-faded, Buttoned/Stinger endings are encouraged for this pitch. Do NOT copy the referenced songs in any way, shape, or form. Use them only as a general guide for feel, texture, tone, and vibe. Broadcast quality is needed.


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