Taxi Music Forward(s) - Blues-Inspired Rock Instrumental

....Which means: “Hey cool track, I'm going to pass this on. It may be usable to the TV/Film person that will hear it next." Thanks Taxi Music!

I wrote two tracks for this pitch and both were forwarded. Yeehaw!

BLUES-Inspired ROCK INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed by a large TV Production Company's Non-Exclusive, In-House Music Library for a bunch of placements in several really popular Reality TV Shows. They're looking for Mid-to-Up-Tempo Blues-y Rock Cues that sound like they come from an artist or band that would be on a playlist with artists/acts like Gary Clark Jr., Dan Auerbach, Patrick Sweany, etc., etc., etc. ...Please submit well-crafted, Blues-Inspired Rock Cues that have a soulful, gritty, and edgy vibe. A typical rock band rhythm section like guitar, bass, and drums will work best for this pitch. Build your Cue around a central melodic motif that has a simple, hooky, and engaging quality to it. Add and subtract layers of Instrumentation as your Cue progresses to add dynamics and keep if from sounding too repetitive or linear. Avoid anything overly bombastic, or guitar solos in the higher registers, as they could distract from the dialog in a scene. Imagine the music you'd hear while walking into a gritty, dimly-lit dive bar. That's what they need!

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