Taxi Music Forward(s) - Short, Upbeat Solo Piano Cue

....Which means: “Hey cool track, I'm going to pass this on. It may be usable to the TV/Film person that will hear it next." Thanks Taxi Music!

I'm guitar player, really, so these little guys took some editing. I played them both, then went back and edited the location and/or volume of any note (I mean any) that sounded "un-piano-player- like".
"Remember That Time", I played it slowly and then increased the tempo for the desired "upbeat" feel. I know, cheating! Ha ha

SHORT, UPBEAT SOLO PIANO RIFF CUES are needed by a really large media company for placements in several projects, including hit cable TV shows and online media. This rapidly growing industry giant is building its own In-House Music Library and will pay an initial buyout fee of $250 for 100% of the Composition and Master rights. On top of the per track fee, you will also keep 100% of the Writer’s share of the publishing and make applicable performance income. Please submit original, lively, Solo Piano Instrumental Cue Riffs that can be used for transitions between scenes in TV shows and web-based, digital content. Your submission should convey a fun and cheerful vibe, that’s super melodic. Your Instrumental Cue can be relatively simple and stripped-down as long as the overall mood is happy and emotionally upbeat. If you’re using a Virtual Piano, please make sure your patches sound like an authentic Piano! Anything that sounds synthetic, stiff, or MIDI-based won’t work for this pitch. All submissions should be about 30 seconds in length, with Non-Faded endings.....

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