Writing Exercise - Tinkling eye rolling, hanging sarcasm, etc

1. List 5 interesting adjectives
2. Find interesting noun to make a "breathtaking collision" ie: interesting metaphor
(Writing Better Lyrics - Pat Pattison)
Okay, I can do this...
1. Grating >> Feather
Her presence to him was like a grating feather to a person that hates to be tickled.
2.  Walking >> Picture frame
He gazed on the photo in the dark brown wooden border surrounding it that practically became a walking picture frame leading him by the hand down memory lane.
3. Splashing >> laughter
She bounced into the room, her vibrant sense of humor and splashing laughter turning every head and washing over every stodgy heart.
4. Tinkling >> Eye rolling
Her tinkling eye rolling sent chimes of disapproval to his sensitive, listening heart.
5. Lifted >> Wedding
The lifted wedding rose to new dazzling emotional heights as they exchanged vows in their new American language.
6.  Hanging >> Sarcasm. (Okay, so I did six)
Hanging sarcasm adorned his every un-festive word.
My first attempt at hanging/friendship turn into a verb. Try again! Still I liked what I wrote for it....
They each boarded their respective flights and left their friendship hanging like an old familiar snugly coat, knowing they could pick it up again on a moments notice.

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