Taxi Music Forward - New Age Instrumental

Yanni I am not.  But it was nice to get a nod of recognition by getting this track moved on to the next step of possible usage.  The pitch called for:

NEW AGE INSTRUMENTALS as calming and tranquil as any…

Taxi Music Forward - Classic Rock

The pitch called for:
GUITAR-DRIVEN RIFF ROCK INSTRUMENTALS are needed by a Publisher who’s placing tracks in an upcoming Feature Film. He’s looking for virtually ALL styles of Riff Rock for this one. Quoting the Publisher: “Classic Rock like AC/DC…

I Love NYC

Dear Taxi Driver, I know why you just quickly rolled your window down and then back up. Love, Audra(holding her nose in the backseat)
— Audra McDonald (@AudraEqualityMc) June 18, 2013

"BRING IT" - Track of the Week

Purposely crafted this instrumental track to sound like classic rock in the vein of AC/DC for a pitch. It also has seemed to acquire a Free/Bad Company vibe. I had fun getting the guitar tones and drums to "sound like"…