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Written by Steve Probst
All vocals, instruments, production by Steve Probst


Me and the crew, 45 to the 2 in the AM
If you know what I mean
Killin' a tab, tippin'em way back
My buds and me and Mr. Jim Beam

Now, my girl ain't the kind to rain on my parade
But when she left her friends and came over to me
With a told-you-so look on her angel face, she said

Go home, you're drunk
Go home, you're drunk
Boy, this ain’t so fun anymore
Go home, you're drunk

How 'bout we catch a cab?
How many have you had?
Oh, honey, I think you're done
Go home, you're drunk

I gave it a thought then put a George in the jukebox
On my way to the door
I was Jones'en for Merle, gave my girlie a whirl
She rolled her eyes when I hit the floor

Guess it was time to leave old Muskogee for another night
Because three left feet from a whole lot of drink
Ain't the best way to treat your baby right

BRIDGE: If I get out of line
That sweet honey of mine
Ain't afraid to let me know