The 70's Rock and Romance of a Paying Gig and Unlimited Baked Fish

I did some work this past March with a band some of you may have heard of (Hotel California - A Salute to the Eagles). And wouldn't you know, it was on a cruise ship!

Dang. I hate warm tropical winds and an unlimited supply of bright blue seas.

All kidding aside, and i do mean "kidding", there were some other guest musicians performing on the Celebrity Summit you may have heard of as well; Peter Frampton, The Orchestra (former ELO members), Stephen Bishop, Christopher Cross, Chuck Negron (3 Dog Night); and a couple other talented tribute bands channeling (like the water reference?) Elton John and the Bee Gees.

Fun! And no one in our entourage got seasick in the making of this little side work event to Cozumel and Key West. I'm sure there's room on the 2018 edition of this rocking time on the high sea, but unfortunately, Hotel California won't be on this particular journey to sandy shores and salad bar dreams.

We're on this one instead! CLICK HERE

Wait don't go! Here are some home slides (Just a few):

Rock & Romance Cruise 2017

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