"Do you sing Seven Bridges Road?"

Last summer of 2013 I was enjoying two slices of mega-size pizza with some good friends in Bryant Park, one of my favorite green spots in all of NYC.  A stranger walks up to our green metal table and asks me:

"Do you sing Seven Bridges Road?"

Strange question.  I answer, "Whatzit to ya?"  (kidding)

I answer yes, of course. 

Turns out he recognized me from back in December of 2012 at a show we (Hotel California - A Salute to the Eagles) did and he attended at the Mohegan Sun Casino all the way in Uncasville, CT!  I just thought, "What are the odds of this happening?!"

It just amazed me that our paths would cross within this city of 8,405,837 million Of course it's nice to be appreciated for what one does, but what was really wonderful was the whole serendipitous aspect of that sweet but brief moment in the middle of the Big Apple.

"Give me such shows - give me the streets of Manhattan!" ~ Walt Whitman

P.S. We're playing there again July 20 ,2014

P.P.S And sometime in July you'll find me back at Bryant Park. Pizza anyone?

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