Where Do We Go Now? - I Survived a Guns N' Roses Concert


My daughter asked me if I wanted to see Guns N' Roses with her. My initial inward response was probably no, but my photo below proves otherwise. Ha ha

Notwithstanding their preoccupation with sketchy artistic subject matter, I enjoyed watching frontman Axl Rose summon his inner child on the Qualcomm Stadium mega-stage in San Diego. Running around the stage like a banshee, I joined in with him as fellow older dude just still celebrating being able to have a good old time. I've heard people complain he's put on a few pounds since their heyday, but since I was never a fan and never had that basis of comparison, of the skinnier days, the "he's older" issue didn't bother me.  

Slash, IS an amazing guitarist. I never paid attention to him before.

Duff is stellar bassist as well, and kudos to him for keeping in shape and staying healthy. I recently read his book: "How To Be A Man: (And other illusions)

The last words:

Being the last stop on this tour through North America, before leaving the stage, Axl says, “Thank you, North America.” And then throws down his mic stand w/mic attached to the ground and walks off, stage left. Thank you America, indeed. 

Though we were dead center, but way in the back, the humongous video screens gives you a good view of the action. Makes me want to go see the Rolling Stones now in the same type of setting sometime before Keith Richards falls out of another palm tree and really hurts himself. 

I’ve never been a fan, but I can go as an observer (of people, their reactions, what are their stories); a learner; an appreciator of cool entertainment technologies; a performer [what’s it like in their shoes...or boots]; a thinker on how culture is affected so strongly by music and the artists who create it; and as a believer in the life hereafter and in a Creator God gives the ability for all of the above. 

No need to knock on heaven's door, boys....just answer it when He calls. 

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