1. Window Seat

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Window Seat

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Hey, mister in the clean white shirt
Can you help me with my bags
They're the ones with the tear-stained leather tags

I know I'm way too early but I'd like to know
Is my fight gonna be on time?
Looks like my tears have all been cried

I'd like to get myself a window seat
They're saying clear blue skies ahead
I've got a one-way ticket to a brand new life
Gonna get back on my feet again

Was really hoping for a window seat
Up there so high
It's not so hard to see the reason why

I tell ya, you don't want to know
There's so much that I could say
'Bout how it feels when your love gets thrown away

I don't want your pity, just a friendly smile
It means more than you could know
Just one more thing before I go


©2007 S. Probst
Her Hair Is Like Sunshine Music (ASCAP)