From the recording Window Seat (Digital Album)

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Let's Take The Stairs

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Just feel that San Francisco breeze
Feel it blowin' only for you and me
As it slips right through that crack I left in our hotel window

I love your smiling sleepy eyes
As the fog unfolds us another California sunrise
No kids, no dog, and no where to be
Two days and nights, just you and me

Let's take the stairs
Heart's clangin' like two cable cars
Forget your hair
I'll race you to the breakfast bar

Let's take the stairs
Maybe jump into the rental car
Crank up Tony Bennett
All the way down to the wharf

I've got that North Beach in my blood
Maybe we'll find us a table in the corner cafe that I've been talkin' up
Some red wine, a red rose, on a table for two
So slip on your shades and your walking shoes


Words and Music © 2007 Steve Probst
Her Hair Is Like Sunshine Music (ASCAP)