1. Color My Sky

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Color My Sky

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Was gettin' kind of tired of feeling blue
Was there another color I could choose
One to paint my world with shades of everlasting love

With every little lie that rained on me
The smallest ray of hope was hard to see
But there you were, a rainbow from above

So I close my eyes and thank my lucky stars
For all you do and everything you are

You color my sky
Larger than life
You paint for me all love can be
So vibrant and alive

You color my sky
I never knew my heart could fly
You draw for me eternity
You color my sky

You hold me like a precious work of art
Created with a seal upon my heart
With the passion of Picasso in your touch

'Cause when my world is full of cloudy grays
You gently come and brush them all away



Horizons open wide
A million colors blow my mind
A splash of every dream coming true

Words and Music © 2004 Steve Probst
Her Hair Is Like Sunshine Music (ASCAP)