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And We're Dancing

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I miss your heart and mine
Keeping perfect time
Now I stand here lost in this song you left behind
A dream is all I have to keep the music playing
Where I hold you once again
And we're dancing

Tell this dancer's heart
As it falls apart
How we can say goodnight before the evening ever starts
How can you be sure the melody is fading?
I hear it time and time again
And we're dancing

Once more around the room
Please say you'll be there too
I see dancers everywhere
How can I help but see us there
Whispering the secrets only dancer ever share

You're a haunting song
That I let linger on
And with every note my heart can't help but sing along
I'm holding on to promises you never made me
But I can hear them in my dreams
And we're dancing

Words and Music © 2003 Steve Probst
Her Hair Is Like Sunshine Music (ASCAP)