1. Lonely
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Written by Steve Probst
All instruments, vocals, production by Steve Probst


Take all you've known about a love to call your own
Take all you've felt when it left you in the cold
It's all brought you down to here and now

Your eyes light up, when you talk about your dreams
My eyes tear up, 'cause it's better than you think
So here I go,
I'm gonnna try my best to let you know that you won't be...

Lonely, lonely, lonely anymore
If lonely, lonely ain't what you're looking for
Take my lead, and you will see that
Lonely, lonely, it's so done with you
So hold me, hold me, if that's what you want to do
My promise stands, it's in your hands

So what's left to say, I'll be the one, I'll be the love
The kind that stays, the kind that fits you like a glove
The past is the past, time to let it go
You're a treasure on earth and my word is gold, that you won't be...