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Something Summer

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All vocals and instruments performed, recorded and mixed by Steve Probst
This cheerful tune rises up from the "archives" where most of its tracks were already recorded by Steve but never saw the "summer" light of day. After a lyric touch-up and re-write with the talents of Penny Greene, it appears in a promotional video for her highly successful Decades of Rock and Roll Oldies Cruise.
And now, "Something Summer" is released worldwide!

Cover photo by Kathy Rankin


Skies are gray and I’m bracing for the cold
But here’s the thing, I bet you know
Just the words to warm my soul

Something summer would be nice
Something summer sounds just right
Chase my blues away with something summer

Snow and ice, it just chills me to the bone
Think it’s time to get away
We’ll have us a sun-kissed holiday

Island time it’s so different than yours and mine
Chase the sun, Hear the sea
Feel that sand beneath our feet