So here it is! 2018!

Well, I can't say life is boring. I've got my hand in all kinds of stuff.

As you may know, I returned to the big stage, so that means I've put travel into my schedule. This slows down the writing process a bit, but realizing this is part of what I do, well, just have to make it work. 

So goes the part-time songwriter/composer for TV/Film placements, and, part-time "Artist" (Where I keep some of these tunes for myself and eventually release them on a album of some sort).



I've had a single planned ("The World Smiles With You") to be released, but the mix was just not there yet, so I've kept wandering to other projects. I even had some cool artwork for it done by my long time friend from grade school, Chris McCormick.

But hey, I think it's almost there! 




But now it seems like I'm real close to having some songs done for another album! 2 more songs are in the editing and mixing stage at present. And then, not only digital release, but CD's as well.
I've been asked to participate in a singer/songwriter event on the cruise we're performing on at the end of February and it's a good place start having CD's available. I know some of these songs play on my website right now, but in the future they will be released to all the usual outlets. Songs include: 

1. I Love You More

2. A Gir and Her Dog

3. Phoenix Hotel

4. Here's Our Blue Sky

5. Nordstrantana

6. Serengeti Stomp

7. Pure Water

8. Say Hello to My Little Friend

9. Mama Gonna Whoop You

Finishing up

10. My Happy Place

11. Don't Gotta Go Home, But You Can't Stay Here . [Or some shortened title!]

Well, as Glenn Frey sang, "the heat is on"!

The funny thing is, I think I have enough songs in the unfinished phase for a whole 'nother album! 

But onward through 2018, Lord willing!




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