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New Music Tuesday, or "Hmm, THAT sounds interesting" 

"Landmine" - Three Days Grace

The first song that came on in my drive to a gig really hit home after receiving some sad news (no not family related). This head-banging song came to me as a time of reflection actually on the pressures of life, how they can affect our health, and how we deal with them.  We all have 'em. 

Of course, my songwriter spin on this - love the sound of the recording and real good songwriting. 
Psalms 39:4 NLT

“ Lord , remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered— how fleeting my life is.

New Music Tuesdays - My Spotify Picks 

Every week, as I'm driving to my gigs usually, I listen to New Music Tuesday on Spotify. I like to keep somewhat "tuned"  [wink wink] to what are the latest contemporary music styles and interesting ways their presented. Not to copy, just peruse.
Oh, I skip over plenty of stuff! (Unfortunately, words like "nigger" and "other-words-that-I-choose-not-type-and-sometimes-say-when-I-hit-a-body-part-on sharp-corners-and-things" are now merely songwriting cliches!) But when I'm doing my own thing, I like to think of these other lyric phrasings and sonic elements I hear as ways I can better my own tunes, limited though my skills are. If something catches my particular set of ears, I'll "star" it. It's sort of like playing A&R guy in the car. ("Next!"....intro, verse,!....intro, ver...NEXT!") Oh, what fun!
My main focus of course is always writing the best song possible regardless of production.

Follow along on Spotify as I add tunes to my ever mind-expanding list of "starred" tunes to check out again.