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What Are You Doing?.... 

Happy Saturday! 

Well, did a bunch of takes on a lead vocal for "Houston In The Blind" a couple days ago. Making progress there.

Watch and repeat: Take 1, take 2, take 3.... #moonfilter #houstonintheblind #recording

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A final mix is almost there for "The World Smiles With You" I think this may be my next single. (Still collecting tracks for album 3, by the way)

And hey, on top of all this, why not start a couple of new lyrics?

I saw a picture of refuges in a plastic boat making land on a Greecian island and the songwriter senses started tingling. "Plastic Boat" is the title. It's one of those songs where ideas just start flowing and you go with it. Wasn't a song I was planning to write. More on this lyric later.

And then there's "I've Gone Home Again". This one has spiritual flavor to it, and I'm interested to see where it goes. (Besides "home")

But wait, there's more!  I've signed on to an exclusive songwriting bootcamp with one of the best! Who is Jeffrey Steele?


Songs In Progress - Episode 3 

"Houston In The Blind" - I am picking up where I left off in tracking [fancy music biz term] my "70's space song". Would you like to hear it? This is harking back to my blog post in.....February?! Holy musical molasses! Can I pour out a finished song any slower? (Are you, like me, thinking about pancakes at this very second? But I digress....)

With only drum, piano, guitar (no bass), and a vocal that I will re-do - talk about bare-bones! - But here ya go.

"Houston in the Blind". A phrase transmitted to no one by Sandra Bullock in the movie, "Gravity", which then in turn became a song by yours truly. (But wait, there's more! Skip to down below)

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Since drafting this episode but not posting it yet, I've added bass guitar, numerous electric guitars, tambourine, congas, shaker, and spacey sounds. You can hear this one only or compare with the one above.

Check this out on Chirbit

Not posting it on YouTube, because it's like.....not done... but I figure if you're perusing this post, you'll forgive the imperfections and just be totally mesmerized by the whole creative process! ha ha