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The Challenge and Fun of Scoring to Picture  

I've always wondered what it would be like to "score to picture". You know, like John Williams, Randy Newman. Then this opportunity came along...

The Westworld Scoring Competition

Oh, sure there was stuff to win for the lucky participants out of thousands chosen by the creative minds behind HBO's "Westworld". Who does't want to win?! I'm a beginner, so I wanted to have some fun, at least. 

I gave myself the whole month to finish it, interspersed amongst my more serious musical efforts writing tracks to specific industry pitches. I figured I could do 1 minute of music per week or so. Live performances for Hotel California were/are shelved for the time being, so off I went in the land of film/TV composer!

I must say, it was a creative rush! I sensed/chose a tempo by the pace of the action, trying to weave in and out of dialogue and gunfire. I aimed (ha ha) to use the gunfire actually as a percussion instrument all it's own! 

Well, here it is... [I noticed too late after I bounced the finished video that one of my "Buh's" in my big drum "buh-BUH's" did not play for some reason. ]