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On Assignment: Magical Orchestral 

Here's 1 of 3 tracks that has been signed with a music library for use in TV and film. I had an assignment to write “Magical Orchestral” and one of the titles I had to choose from was “Joy of Paradise”.

Hmmm, how to get started?

I “googled” “Joy of Paradise” and click on images. Here's what I chose:

Ah, here we go! Heavenly paradise. It turned out to be a painting of the Resurrection, but all I needed was a quick-start to get the piece rolling. A melody started forming from the visual in front of me, and then I was off on another writing adventure.

I learned that this painting, “The Resurrection” by American artist, Robert Clark, can be seen at Forest Lawn in Glendale, CA. I'm going to be making the trip myself.

Many thanks to a couple of new friends and veteran composers with the music library who helped me dial in the mix to get things where it needed to be.