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Object Writing, with a Haiku Bonus (Hiya!) 

Your cold tea cup
Speaks of your warming presence
Knowing you'll return

And now the word, "Hallucination", unedited writing practice, 10 minutes, go!...
(Note: Views expressed not necessarily the mental state of their author)
Whisps of things thought seen. Windy nothings caressing forests of dense dreams that stand majestic like redwoods on the California coast. I resist hallucinations, yet they are more real to me today than ever. A ray of sun like a sharp icycle pierces my forearm. The sun smiles at me; the sight of it burning into my mind the more I stare. But I can't look away. Ficus leaves applaud their approval under compulsion from the breeze's insistent goading. Angry fly buzz says aerodynamics...