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Taxi Music Forward - Classic Rock Instrumental 

....Which means: “Hey cool track, I'm going to pass this on. It may be usable to the TV/Film person that will hear it next”. I was aiming for something like Led Zeppelin's "The Ocean".

"1960's to 1970's-Style CLASSIC ROCK INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed by a NON-Exclusive Music Library that has lots of great TV placements, especially in Reality TV. They're looking for timeless-sounding, Mid-to-Up-Tempo Classic Rock Instrumental Cues in the general stylistic wheelhouse of legendary bands like: Led Zepplin--Rolling Stones-Deep Purple. Give them well-crafted Instrumental Cues that capture the spirit of the Classic Rock era, with typical Rock instrumentation...."

Let's rock!:

Taxi Music Forward - Classic Rock 

The pitch called for:
GUITAR-DRIVEN RIFF ROCK INSTRUMENTALS are needed by a Publisher who’s placing tracks in an upcoming Feature Film. He’s looking for virtually ALL styles of Riff Rock for this one. Quoting the Publisher: “Classic Rock like AC/DC and Led Zeppelin will work. Current Rock like Jet, or The Hives will also be cool. I’m even open to aggressive Heavy Metal and Grunge, as long as there’s a big juicy guitar riff on the track. The most important thing is that the instrumentals have an edgy attitude that will work in both suspenseful scenes, and in action scenes.” He wants your tracks to sound like authentic band songs, not like under-sore that has been composed for scene. 

I had just the track for it!

I modeled "Ocean Strut" after this song. Perhaps you've heard it?:

"BRING IT" - Track of the Week 

Purposely crafted this instrumental track to sound like classic rock in the vein of AC/DC for a pitch. It also has seemed to acquire a Free/Bad Company vibe. I had fun getting the guitar tones and drums to "sound like". I heard in a panel once about putting a little bit of distortion on the drums so that's what I done did!
Bonus: There is cowbell in this!
All instruments performed by me. Recorded and mixed with Logic Pro on a MacBookPro.

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