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ThrowBackThursday - Happy Post, Flying Dog 

ThrowBackThursday Post- Looking back on a blog post of recent yesteryear (and bringing it over from the old website for further reference).

Just wanted to break the gloom of the last post.
My Mac is back, I'm on the road for two weeks, and if you're like me, you welcome an occasion to smile. So here it is:

Lola's first walk on the leash in Huntington Beach, CA

What Are You Doing?......Transitions 

I know: Silence.

[Insert cricket noise]

It's been a Summer of transition for the Probst family. And I've been home (ie. not traveling for work] for all of it! (A good thing)

Ms. Probst

My daughter Emily, within the past week or two, got her teaching credential, then started a brand new job as band director for a nearby middle school.
Son, Jonathan, just completed his last year marching for Phantom Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps. We got to witness this "graduation-like" event(s) over this last weekend in Indianapolis. Emily "aged-out" two years ago. As parents, we're super proud of our kids when they follow there passions and dreams, yes? 

Jonathan is at 5:29 in video

My wife, Liz, being the stellar teacher that she is, has had the summer off naturally. ("Hey, who is this person hanging around all the time?")

...That would be me, Mr. Husband-home-off-the-road.

I've been thankfully working a lot of local gigs, mostly private though.

Oh! I also auditioned for a Beatles Tribute/Theatre act, believe or not. I know one of the co-creators who was excited that I would give it a shot, otherwise I maybe wouldn't have done it. They were looking for a George Harrison. They chose someone else that auditioned, but you know what? I've got a great "Taxman" tone set up now! 

Hey - who wants to hear some new music? Okay, hold on. I'll be getting back to it shortly.

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ThrowBackThursday - My Little Co-Writer 

A Throw-back-Thursday 2009 post from the old website:

Still expecting to hear excited little whimpers when I get home from a road trip.
Still seeing dark shadows throughout the house and expecting fur to be covering them.
Still making sure I close the front door when going out so a certain someone doesn't sneak out to go exploring (although always returning)
Still anticipating an interruption at my feet while recording by a request to go outside.
Still hearing tiny clicking footsteps in wood-floored hallway. :(

Life goes on and a new co-writer, Lola, has found her place on the couch and in our hearts.