Object Writing - Panda

I'm really having fun with these! I can only hope it'll help my writing in the long term.  I don't post every one I do, but I'm keeping up the habit most days.  This one done on a four day road trip.

The word, "Panda", unedited writing practice, 10 minutes, go!...

You're stylin', PandaMan!
I saw him skulking around the Halloween party house wearing his Lone Ranger mask and he immediately reminded me of a panda as he gnawed on a celery stick as if it were a just-picked bamboo shoot. He found himself in a jungle of unknown faces whose monkey antics were quite alarming to his slow-moving nature. Unnatural tribal sounds emanated from the music speakers as well as from the fake rocks thumping Justin Timberlake in the suburban back yard. His thoughts were not all cute and cuddly toward the girl with a huge tongue piercing advancing into his claimed observance territory in the corner of the forest-green painted living room. He wished he was a small dog so he could scamper out on all fours undetected by the huntress raising her glass, dressed to kill. His resolve roly poly, he excused himself to the bathroom, rolling his eyes.

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