Old Dog - New Trick: Good Dog!

I have been working and traveling with Hotel California going on 9 years now. It continues to be a rewarding journey in stage performance.

So hey - I've discovered a new thing! It's called: "Warming up your voice". Have you heard of it?

A spot of tea at the Florida State Fair - Tampa, FL

After spending a good amount of months lightly going through any old song backstage, warming up before a show, I have allowed the old dog in me to learn a trick - Plain old fashioned scales and annoying but performance strengthening buzzings and stuff.

I'm pretty much tired of warming up during (as opposed to before) the show.

A typical beginning to a 90 minute show, with all it's "Steve challenge points", will go like this:

1. TAKE IT EASY: Lot's of high harmonies to get to throughout, and then I sing a high harmony above the melody during the second verse. Not really the place to start your warmups! I want to be ready to go when I get there.

2. WITCHY WOMAN next. Singing the lead vocal here, I want to be ready when I get there. No more wondering if my voice will answer back "Ooops, dang; why didn't you warm me up?".

3. ALREADY GONE: More high harmony!! Second verse harmony, etc, etc...

4. SEVEN BRIDGES ROAD: This is where a noticeable difference caused me to say, "Okay, I think this warming up thing is working" I notice I have much better pitch (extreeeemly important) and breath and resonance here on this one!  ¡Muy importante! - a lot of acapella

That's just the first 4 songs.

In conclusion, being the old dog with a new trick, I have become... my own best friend? (Get it? Dog = Man's best friend)

That's it for now.... ruff!

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