Story Behind the Song - "Something Summer"

I've had most of the tracks for "Something Summer" recorded for quite some time. Then I put the song away to come back to at a later date. 

Well, the years passed. Until...

One day, my good friend, Penny Greene from Decades of Rock and Roll Oldies Cruise needed a song to replace the one she was using for her yearly promo video for her highly successful music cruise she sponsors and organizes every year. So she asked me if I had a song that would work. The closest one I had was "Something Summer", but I just didn't think the lyrics fit just yet. If fact, I wasn't happy with all the lyrics I had anyway, so the song got put into the "archives".

Penny loved the song, and since she loves playing with words as much as I do, I ask if she would like to help with the re-write. i.e. Just wanting to simply say, basically, "Man, I'm tired of this dreary, icy cold weather. I'm ready for some sun". By the time we get to the third verse he/she is already there! 

So here we are! A song brought to life from the archives.

"Chase the sun, hear the sea, feel that sand beneath our feet!"

It's as simple as that!

The album cover photo is one of 1,000's taken during the 2018 cruise by Kathy Rankin.

Listen now! CLICK HERE!

....And now, a few brief moments in the studio during the work on "Something Summer".


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