Taxi Music Forward - Fun Pop Instrumental Cue

....Which means: “Hey cool track, I'm going to pass this on. It may be usable to the TV/Film person that will hear it next." Thanks Taxi Music!

Well, this musical attempt was something completely different! I updated my recording gear (iMac and software) and look what happened! Lol Only 60 seconds? Oh, I got this!

FUN POP INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed for $500 placements in an Anime Cartoon. They’re looking for Bouncy, Youthful, Mid-to-Up-Tempo Instrumental Cues that could work well for animated shows on Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, or Cartoon Network. Please listen to the following examples to get in the broad stylistic range of what they need: Glitter Force Songs: “Higher” By LoliRock: “Bubble Pop” By HyunA: Although the references above have vocals, this pitch is for Instrumentals only. Please submit catchy, original Instrumental Cues that deliver a fun, youthful vibe with simple, straightforward melodies and a driving Pop beat. Emotionally upbeat, optimistic submissions will probably do best for this pitch. Stick with one mood and motif from beginning to end, while adding and subtracting layers of instrumentation as your Cue progresses will add dynamics and interest. Your Instrumentation can vary, but should generally be in the range/ballpark of the references above. Sprinkling in some playful sounding ear candy such as chimes, twinkles, and harps could help add some youthful character to your Cues. Speaking of youthful; you’ll probably do best if your music works for kids who have grown out of the My Little Pony age range, but are still in elementary school. All submissions should be at least 60 seconds long with easy edit points and natural, non-faded, buttoned endings. Do NOT copy or rip off the referenced music in any way, shape, or form. Use it only as a general guide for tempo, texture, tone, and overall vibe. Broadcast Quality is needed (Great sounding home recordings are fine).

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