On Assignment - Magical Orchestral #2

Here's the second of three tracks that has been signed with a music library for use in TV and film. I had an assignment to write “Magical Orchestral”. After perusing a huge list of titles given for the task, this one peaked my interest, “The Knowledge of Good and Evil”.

I used no visual aides to get this one started like I had for the previous track posted.

I couldn't help but think of Adam and Eve and that infamous tree of forbidden fruit.  But the genre is in a magical, possibly “Harry Potter-ish” kind of setting so I did't want the mood to get too dark. I thought it should have a little mysterious “good” mixed with “playful” evil (if that's even possible!) Hence the beginning comes in, ends at 0:40 with an “edit point” and that brings you into, oh I don't know, the wizardly evil section?

And once again, many thanks to a couple of new friends and veteran composers with the music library who helped me dial in the mix to get things where it needed to be.

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