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Track Signed! 

I wrote this for a particular project that was looking for a theme song.

As sometimes happens, what you write a track for doesn't get chosen, but it ends up being signed with someone else. Which is the case here. It will eventually get re-titled for whatever it gets used for.

It was an excellent learning experience writing within a specific time constraint and trying to translate the emotion needed for a news or political program.

2 Tracks Forwarded, 4 Tracks Signed 

So the way it works, you get 2 tracks sent to a music library, they email you they would like to sign them and ask if you have anymore.

Why, yes I think to myself. [Open email. Attach, Send]

Moral of the story: Sign 4 tracks! Oh, and also, work hard at getting your work up to snuff.

Still, it doesn't guarantee a placement on TV or in film, but it gets me that much closer. In the meantime, I'll keep writing.