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On Assignment - Magical Orchestral #3 

Here's the third of three tracks that has been signed with a music library for use in TV and film. I had an assignment to write “Magical Orchestral”. The title: “The Forest Path”.

I used a small bit of video through a… forest path (see below)… to get the idea started. You can get an idea of what the tempo of a piece of music should be from the movement of the visual and and then write according to that. (Notice the very slight up and down movement of the camera. Seemed like a good tempo to me!)

And once again, many thanks to a couple of new friends and veteran composers with the music library who helped me dial in the mix to get things where it needed to be.


"Hears" to 2021 

Here is a modest collection of tracks either signed by music libraries or released by yours truly in the year 2021.

As you may know, live music is my "day gig", but when I'm at home I'm working on original music, most always during the day, so.... now I'm confused....  haha. Anyway, as usual, my musical tastes are all over the map. 

2 Tracks Forwarded, 4 Tracks Signed 

So the way it works, you get 2 tracks sent to a music library, they email you they would like to sign them and ask if you have anymore.

Why, yes I think to myself. [Open email. Attach, Send]

Moral of the story: Sign 4 tracks! Oh, and also, work hard at getting your work up to snuff.

Still, it doesn't guarantee a placement on TV or in film, but it gets me that much closer. In the meantime, I'll keep writing.