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"Hears" to 2021 

Here is a modest collection of tracks either signed by music libraries or released by yours truly in the year 2021.

As you may know, live music is my "day gig", but when I'm at home I'm working on original music, most always during the day, so.... now I'm confused....  haha. Anyway, as usual, my musical tastes are all over the map. 

A Songwriter Looks Back In Hindsight 

I'm gonna call my latest song (though not latest written) finished.

It's a title I just thought too interesting not to write. But notice I wrote the song in a literal sense. Oh, there's nothing wrong with that, but looking back, my songwriter brain starts thinking, "What if it was written in a figurative sense?"

Say, the singer was so infatuated with the other person, his friends were telling him, "Go home, you're drunk"? (I think I actually got the idea from a meme where some sort of technology like a printer or whatever was acting annoyingly out of character and the text read something like, "Go home, HP, you're drunk")

Why do I care about this?

Well, as a songwriter that would love to have an artist other than myself record one of my songs, I think it would work better as a song in that context. I could write another song with the same title. I could, I don't know if I will. (You can't copyright a title)

Okay, but until then, I'll still put it on the next album and play it live....but see, songwriting is hard!! Ha ha