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Back At The Coach House! 

Had a last minute show at the Coach House on Saturday assisting with guitar and vocals for my good friend of many years, singer-songwriter, Jay Nixon. (CLICK HERE to hear me play and sing on a track from his CD)
He opened for "maxi-instrumentalist" David Lindley, who I'm sure you've heard on many albums such as Jackson Browne and Warren Zevon, to name a couple. (You know that slide guitar on "Running On Empty"?)

The Coach House was the same venue where I was "off-stage" enjoying Kenny Loggins and Blue Sky Riders wow the house back in September 2015. Cool-being on the very same stage.


The chips, the salsa, the setlist, the dressing room

Let's have chips!!

Gigging Right Along 

I was recently discovered online by someone who was looking for a singer to bring some live music in the afternoon to a local Assisted Living/Memory Care Community. Not being sure

Really went back in time for this set list!

 how it would go for me, I said yes of course, anyway. A guy's gotta work right?

For a couple hours that day, that is, before the cares of life responsibilities sneaked back into the forefront of my mind after the gig, it gave me a little perspective-check on life. I have no more words to describe it, but it's nice to work and do some good, bring some joy to the older generation who are way-later in their years.
As some of you may know, Hotel California does quite well with the Active Adult Communities-55+ and up, in different US locales. So this just kind of takes that step further I guess, right? ;) 

On another front, a good friend here in town recommended me to an agent who has given me two Saturdays in March (solo acoustic) at the J.W Marriott Palm Desert Resort (near Palm Springs for those you of out-of-town who may be reading this). Looking forward to this being a monthly thing. Also, things are brewing in Orange County for me with some monthly stuff down there.