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Story Behind The Song - PURE WATER 

The blog series that highlights a selected song from my latest album, "III"   

 Episode 11 : PURE WATER

This was written back in 2014 specifically for a music pitch/documentary looking for songs about water. 

Here's part of the info I had to go on to see what I could come up with:

SONGS about DRINKING WATER are needed by an A-List Hollywood Music Supervisor working on a Documentary Film. He’s thirsty (pardon the pun) for Songs with Male or Female Vocals with lyric themes relating to fresh, clean, DRINKING WATER. He’s interested in hearing Songs in ALL TEMPOS and ALL GENRES, as long as they have lyrics about water, pure water, cold water, water is life, etc. Quoting the Music Supervisor: “It’s okay for the lyrics to be literal and right on the nose for this pitch. That’s what I’m looking for! Clean drinking water is a huge issue that this film is dealing with, and I need a song with lyrics that will help us bring this issue into the light.” The right lyric theme and message are more important than the genre or style for this pitch. Please avoid anything that’s too somber or dark. On the other hand, don’t be silly either! They need the perfect song to play during a montage of people receiving fresh drinking water in an environment where it’s typically very hard to come by. This is definitely one of those situations where the Supervisor will know the right song when he hears it, and plays it against the scene.

Well, after all that, it wasn't chosen - so now what am I going to do with it? Put it on a CD!

All instruments performed by me. Recorded and mixed with Logic Pro on a MacBook Pro.

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New Song - PURE WATER 


Some constructive industry came in recently for this song I pitched for a documentary about drinking water.  The lyrics were said to be right on point.  But the reasons it wasn't forward were as follows -


Two points:


1. Wanted to hear more development in backing track and sooner

2. Wasn't crazy about the strings I used when accompaniment DID come in.


So I may let it sit for a bit. I could just leave it as-is when I have enough tunes done for an another album. ....Hmmm, when is another film coming around about the "driving force of all nature", to quote Mr. L. daVinci.


Feel free to comment on what YOU hear! :)