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My Top 2016 Spotify Plays 

So here are my top songs of 2016 played according to Spotify. Funny, there are songs about Texas on here, as I played a private texas-themed party in November and, wanting to come prepared, the best way to learn is "repetition". (I believe my daughter had a hand in some of these as well. There is a slight skewing to this list-lol)

Where I Took Guitar Lessons 

Okay, who wants to see where I took guitar lessons, where my black 1974 Stratocaster (the one I still play today) was ordered by my dad from the Fender factory, and where it was placed in my teenage hands?

I was in town a while back, Downey-California, for a dentist appointment and I thought it would be fun to snap a few pictures and share some non-wikipedia-awesome musical history with you all!

First, in this very downtown structure on 3rd Street, I studied classical guitar (back when I could actually make sense of music notation) with Mike Bennett. Then I went to electric guitar, and in the same cozy little building I learned rock licks. I don't remember this teacher's name though (Dear teacher: If you happen to tread this. Please respond). 

I was schooled in the end unit on the left

One song in particular I remember being taught -  the guitar solo in "Dark Eyed Cajun Women" by the Doobie Brothers. It was perfect for a kid just getting acquainted with his blues scales.

Now in the hands of 'Bogie'