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My Top 2016 Spotify Plays 

So here are my top songs of 2016 played according to Spotify. Funny, there are songs about Texas on here, as I played a private texas-themed party in November and, wanting to come prepared, the best way to learn is "repetition". (I believe my daughter had a hand in some of these as well. There is a slight skewing to this list-lol)

ThrowBackThursday - Adventures in NYC 2009 

ThrowBackThursday Post- Looking back on a blog post of recent yesteryear (and bringing it over from the old website for further reference). 

A fast-paced slide show of my visit to NYC in the Summer of 2009. I've already been again (2010) so guess I'm a little behind! This may be boring to you. unless you're a family member, but I'll post it anyway for posterity! If you like Wicked, Sinatra, Disney, you'll like the music!

As is my habit all photos were taken with my simple phone camera. I shot numerous angles of some of the same shots and ended up putting them all in, to make it even more boring for you!  Some are blurry, dark, and even backwards, but there ya have it.

I really, really "heart" NYC!

Blue Sky Riders, Kenny Loggins, Idina Menzel 

Within the space of a week a got a chance to witness on stage two of my favorites (three actually).

Kenny Loggins with his new band Blue Sky Riders at Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Kenny and I "go way back" (Definition: He was a musical inspiration - an idol as they say - in my formative, unformal musical studies) Some real good music happening with Blue Sky Riders. Here's a video, the only one, from the very show I was at:

Idina Menzel at Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA

I've been a fan since, a number of years ago while on the road, I found a used CD of the Wicked Musical in a Goodwill store in downtown Bakersfield for 25 cents! I loved her voice, but had know idea who she was. I was like, "Who is this voice?"

Very cool finding videos  of the concerts you were at on YouTube. :)


A 'slightly' bad-composition shot I took from the 4th row


3 Tweets (Say 5 Times Fast!) 

One-liners from my Twitter-Self this past twittering week.

First, a travel tip for touring performers. 

Yah, I let it go alright 

Two Saturdays ago, Set 2 at the Blue Star Lounge-Palm Desert CA. At a real nice Marriott resort - Conventioneers and families alike.

A pair of young moms sit in front me with their respective 2-3 year-old daughters. And, oh, I know what's coming. (This after we sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" together)(Guys at the bar raise a glass!...umm, no, not really...I made that part up)

...The visiting youngsters would like to hear, "Let It Go". 

Unbeknownst to them, I have already spent an afternoon one day months ago mapping out the chords to this animation anthem of the century (Maybe ten centuries!) and placed it in my iPad of tunes. I like the song personally and also, as a songwriter, I really wanted to see how the song was written; how it "works". Plus, yah, I'm an Idina fan.

Yes, I sang it. The room sounds great there. I'm sure it echoed in invisible wisps of Disney animation pixie dust up the staircase to the next floor. And of course, I have a speaker as well place outside for all the lucky diners!! 

It was THE hit of the night. Moms got there iphones out for photos. One dad in another party was brave enough to tell me said it gave him the chills.

Blessed to just do my job, folks. 

I'm playing there again tonight. Go ahead someone, asked me if I know it! He he.