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"LET'S TAKE THE STAIRS" - Track of the Month 

All tracks (except guitars) played on my now since replaced Korg Triton Keyboard. All vocals/instruments recorded and mixed on a Korg D1600MKII 16-Track digital recorder. (Replaced that as well!)

Inspiration: Started with the title stemming from my desire for exercise when on the road as in: "Forget the elevator, take the stairs and give the heart a little jolt". Then I built the song's setting around a trip to San Francisco. I've actually been there a couple times. And there's bonus! It's a ThrowBackThursday post.

"Let's Take The Stairs" is included on my album "Window Seat" available at:

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"AWAY IN A MANGER" - Christmas Cover Video 

Here's my spin on the classic Christmas favorite. I released "Away In A Manger" back in 2012 and just posted a video to go along with it.

I occasionally record tunes requested for specific industry song pitches. A case in point is this rendition of "Away In a Manger". Though it was passed on for the pitch, I can now offer it as a single-song download for you. Their loss, your Christmas-cheery gain!

I ended up giving my self-produced version a bit of a "Island" feel. Enjoy it annually!

Vocals and all instruments by Steve Probst
Recorded and produced by Steve Probst

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"MISSING YOU" - Track of the Month 

My second single, an original this time, following my release of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"
I aimed to encapsulate in this song the emotions of life on the road as a touring musician.

The song was written in 2009. After getting sidetracked writing other tunes, I finally put all the instruments and a plethora of vocals together to release so the song just doesn't languish in obscurity within my stash of unfinished creations forever!

Vocals and all instruments by Steve Probst
Recorded and produced by Steve Probst

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"HALLELUJAH" - Track of the Month 

Here's the video to go along with my single of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"

My version of the Leonard Cohen penned classic.
I recorded this song for a music industry pitch ( a while back and then it was forwarded for a further listen by the party looking for covers of this song to use in a film or TV project. Well, I never heard back and I decided, after getting some real nice feedback from a lot of you, to put it out myself as a single!

Vocals and all instruments by Steve Probst
Recorded and produced by Steve Probst


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"His heart felt Hallelujah's sung with his unique velvety voice leaves one hypnotized, mesmerized. It is impossible to describe with mere words. Stunning. Haunting. Enchanting. Moving, perhaps. Once you hear it, it's in your brain forever..." ~ Marilyn, AZ

"Man, this song is great. I know its been done over and over but it is really great." B. Hobbs, PA

"SERENGETI STOMP" - Track of the Month 

Well, it's been over a year since the last "Track of the Month"! Is calling it "Track of the Year" a little too pretentious? Anyhoo...

"Serengeti Stomp" is the first time for me making guitar loops - short guitar phrases digitally recorded, edited, strategically (or psychotically) placed within a musical composition. I started this track on my laptop in a hotel room at the Suncoast Casino Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada....."What happens in Vegas", comes to fruition elsewhere, I guess!

Written, Recorded, Produced, Mixed, Mastered by myself.