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Story Behind The Song - I LOVE YOU MORE 

The blog series that highlights a selected song from my latest album, "III"

Episode 1 : I LOVE YOU MORE

At the time I wrote this fun little song, ukuleles were still prevalent in popular music. So I purchased a nice-sounding, small, Hawaiian ukulele and started getting busy on a "uke" song of my own. I wrote two actually, but this one made it to the finish first. It's one of my personal favorites on this album. All vocals and instruments performed and recorded by yours truly. 

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New CD Album Released! 

All written, recorded, and produced between 2008-2017 by Steve Probst 
All vocals, instruments, and drum programming by Steve Probst 
Cover photo by Ann Conibear Roberts

I was inspired to write a ukulele song when it was popular, so bought a decent uke, wrote a song, and recorded it! (Your welcome) 
Get my “Randy Newman” on? No problem 
If there’s a song written in 2011 that you need to sound like the 80’s, I’m your guy! 
Like Blues Rock? Got some of that, too. 
And what’s not to love about a couple of Jazz/Rock guitar instrumentals complete with guitar solos? 
A song for a documentary about water? Got shoulder deep with this one. 

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Hope you enjoy the music! 
~ Steve

Taxi Music Forward - Singer/Songwriter Song (Fun, Happy, Positive) 

Bought a ukulele. Wrote a song. Recorded it. Pitched it. :)

The pitch called for:

FUN, HAPPY and POSITIVE, SINGER SONGWRITER SONGS that could be heard on the same radio station as A Fine Frenzy, Jason Mraz, Sara Bariliees, Ingrid Michaelson, Matt Nathanson, etc. are needed by the Owner of a busy Music Library. He specifically asked up for songs with a positive message. Songs with a sincere and honest approach in the vocals will help grab this guys attention. Lyrics themes can focus on love, life, relationships, etc. This is a film and TV pitch, so please be sure your lyrics are universal.