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New CD Album Released! 

All written, recorded, and produced between 2008-2017 by Steve Probst 
All vocals, instruments, and drum programming by Steve Probst 
Cover photo by Ann Conibear Roberts

I was inspired to write a ukulele song when it was popular, so bought a decent uke, wrote a song, and recorded it! (Your welcome) 
Get my “Randy Newman” on? No problem 
If there’s a song written in 2011 that you need to sound like the 80’s, I’m your guy! 
Like Blues Rock? Got some of that, too. 
And what’s not to love about a couple of Jazz/Rock guitar instrumentals complete with guitar solos? 
A song for a documentary about water? Got shoulder deep with this one. 

Click over to my STORE PAGE to get yours!

Hope you enjoy the music! 
~ Steve

Taxi Music Forward - 70's Style Singer/Songwriter 

I had a rough mix on my desktop (ie: track not finished but close), and being as I was on the road, this is all I had to submit.  Whadaya know - it was forwarded on for further consideration to the publisher. Yay!

This was for:

ACOUSTIC-BASED, 1970s style SINGER/SONGWRITER SONGS that have the timeless quality of songs by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, etc., are needed by the Owner of a Production Music Library pitching to a multitude of Film and TV opportunities. He's looking for songs that have an honest and genuine sounding vocal, with lyrics that are universal and engaging. Instrumentation can range from a solo guitar/vocal, to a more developed acoustic-based band sound.