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It's All in the Title 

Here's a quick tip from me for making tiny incomes from the songs you write. I've seen the examples of this on apps like TikTok, but this was further put to my attention after receiving a lup-sum "paycheck" of over 4 whole dollars from my music being used on Facebook. (Just make sure you use a platform like CDBaby. Your music will magically appear worldwide and whatever platforms you choose-might as well choose them all! lol)

Okay, here's my tip. Ready?...

Write songs with titles like "Say Hello to My Little Friend" and "A Girl and Her Dog". A close third would be "Mamma Gonna Whoop You".

There ya go. Now, I don't write songs just to make money. I write from titles that interest me or challenge me to see what I come up with. Though the humorous ones are fun, it seems to me they're way fun for others too!

You can find them on my store and everywhere on the internet! 


The blog series that highlights a selected song from my latest album, "III"   


I have never seen the famous Al Pacino movie, "Scarface". But I've certainly heard the phrase, "say hello to my little friend". And I know where it came from. And couldn't resist fitting it in a song somehow. I hunted down the clip on YouTube for reference. This is kind of like my version of the Eagles "Get Over It" I guess. Ha ha.

I thought of the quirkiness of songwriters like Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson when it came time to record this little gem.

All instruments performed by little, old me. Recorded and mixed with Logic Pro on a "little" MacBook Pro.

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New CD Album Released! 

All written, recorded, and produced between 2008-2017 by Steve Probst 
All vocals, instruments, and drum programming by Steve Probst 
Cover photo by Ann Conibear Roberts

I was inspired to write a ukulele song when it was popular, so bought a decent uke, wrote a song, and recorded it! (Your welcome) 
Get my “Randy Newman” on? No problem 
If there’s a song written in 2011 that you need to sound like the 80’s, I’m your guy! 
Like Blues Rock? Got some of that, too. 
And what’s not to love about a couple of Jazz/Rock guitar instrumentals complete with guitar solos? 
A song for a documentary about water? Got shoulder deep with this one. 

Click over to my STORE PAGE to get yours!

Hope you enjoy the music! 
~ Steve