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Taxi Music....Backward - The Track I Forgot to Submit! 

Wow, I was disappointed. I wrote a short piece of music for a specific pitch looking for "election" music.

I uploaded it but FORGOT to pitch it! Now what to do with it? I know, make a silly video featuring my exciting original score.

Here's the track on it's own:


3 Tweets (Say 5 Times Fast!) 

If you're a "tweeter", feel free to follow me  HERE     

Here are some "awesome" highlights from this past week:

The Humor of Travel (ie: Keep a Sense of...) 

We must always keep a sense (or at least make a valiant attempt) of humor on the road.

Here we have Exhibit A:

This is not a Middle East war zone reconstruction! It was our evening accommodations.
Exhibit B: Hotel construction bribery

Water, candy, chocolate seem to peer out of the bag as if to plead, 'Please stay' 

Like these are going to be effective! Oh, ha ha!

  Well, there ya go kids! Until next time!