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The Road Is Full Of Surprises 

The road is full of surprises. 

What was once a nice peacefully whimsical night time city view of downtown Wilmington, NC from the 5th floor, which I really was enjoying, turned into the majestic Jurassic Period outside my window the next morning. Started after 7am, mainly with a reverberating, earth-trembling, mega-thud. From my horizontal position on dreamy king-size sheets, I felt the Hilton, the whole building, actually bounce a second or two.

Bulldozers resembling the skeletons of menacing T-rex's commenced to munching on demolition-size, concrete parking structure tidbits. Was probably going to go on the whole day, too. No use trying to sleep. No, that's okay, I only got to bed by 2am. 

1.... hour... later.... [Say with fake French accent ala Sponge Bob Square Pants]

Okay, they delightfully change my room to across the hall. And how fitting since it was now gazing upon the Cape Fear River on Halloween day!!

Moral of the story, I guess: Do not be afraid of change or...clean your room when you have company (readers) over.

The Humor of Travel (ie: Keep a Sense of...) 

We must always keep a sense (or at least make a valiant attempt) of humor on the road.

Here we have Exhibit A:

This is not a Middle East war zone reconstruction! It was our evening accommodations.
Exhibit B: Hotel construction bribery

Water, candy, chocolate seem to peer out of the bag as if to plead, 'Please stay' 

Like these are going to be effective! Oh, ha ha!

  Well, there ya go kids! Until next time!